An adventurous excursion full of impressions and emotions, through landscapes with valleys, gorges and caves monasteries that are not accessible to ordinary travelers.

Here sovereign 4×4 performance combines with driving pleasure, which conjures up a big grin in the face long after arrival.

Safari vehicle FC-MOTO – this is an automatic-powered all-terrain vehicle of the latest technology.

The crew of the CF-Moto Site by Site consists of 2 persons – 1 driver and 1 passenger. To drive it, only a category B driver’s license is required.
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F-Moto ZFORCE 1000
from 175 Euro in day
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1 - 4 days 220 Euro / Day
5 - 9 days 200 Euro / Day
10 - 14 days 185 Euro / Day
From 14 days 175 Euro / Day