7 days in Savanna and Caucasus mountains


Boundless Enduro in Georgia 7 days in Savanna and Caucasus mountains

Do you have a passion for traveling? Do you want to feel real Enduro freedom?

7 days of complete happiness in the homeland of Mimino

Enduro tours in Georgia are possible for motorcyclists of all levels and abilities, no one will be left without attention and everyone can participate in the tour according to their abilities.

Thanks to its unique natural landscape, Georgia is considered a real Paradise for motorcycle tourism. The fascinating landscape, the indescribable feeling of freedom will leave indelible memories.

You will pass from one climate zone to another, enjoy the majestic views, see the peaks of glaciers rising more than 5000 meters above sea level, cross the subtropics with bamboo groves, semi-desert, green valleys. This eco-diversity will give you the confidence that you have visited three continents at the same time.

Famous Georgian dishes, Georgian Wines and hospitality do not need to be praised.

Enduro travel profile:

Organizer: Glory tour (West-East Travel Ltd). The oldest pioneer company that laid the Foundation for motorcycle tourism in Georgia in 2008.

Topic: Motorcycle, people, nature and culture.

The tour’s motto: Sun, landscape, cuisine and wine – what could be more beautiful than hospitable Georgia?

Language: native Russian.

An airport: arrival and departure / Tbilisi Airport.

Total mileage: about 700 km.

Daily stages: about 60-145 km.

Maximum possible height: 3.400 m above sea level.

Relation: off-road and asphalt ( % ) 80/20.

Motorcycle: KTM EXC 450/350.

Support: KTM Georgia team of glory (the discoverer and Creator of Enduro tourism in Georgia-has been working since 2008).

In the Caucasus mountains: the route passes through forested mountain ranges and rocky mountain passes.

Climate: in the mountainous regions is temperate and pleasant. The air temperature in summer is from +22 to +26 °C.

The shroud of Kakheti region: the route passes through hills, plains, canyons, and semi-desert.

Climate: the shroud is dry, with summer temperatures ranging from +25 to +38 °C.

Motorcycle driving skills: experience driving on off-road, forest and mountain rocky ground. In case of insufficient driving experience, practical exercises will be introduced to practice the necessary skills.

Level of complexity: on a 5-point scale of 1-2.

We adapt it to the group from 1 to 2 on a 5-point scale.

Residence: typical regional hotels, guest houses.

Minimum number of participants: from 2 people.

Tour cancellation policy: if the minimum number of participants is not reached, we reserve the right to cancel the tour 40 days before it starts.

Attractions on the trip: Tbilisi old city, UNESCO world heritage site Svetitskhoveli Cathedral of the XI century, Alazani valley, sacred monastery complex David Gareji, rock monastery in the savanna of the Byzantine period, the fortress city of Sighnaghi, the village of Omalo-the famous towers that protect the heart of the Caucasus since the XII century.

Features: all Enduro uniforms can be rented from KTM Georgia. If there are an uncountable number of travelers, a person staying in a single room pays a separate rate for accommodation in such a room.

Main advantages of the tour

  • Combined Enduro tour: motorcycle, man, nature and culture
  • Visiting ancient settlements and sacred places in Georgia
  • Travel rich in landscape relief-savannas, canyons and Caucasus mountains
  • KTM EXC 350/450 motorcycle
  • Travel to the oldest wine region in the world — Kakheti
  • Traditional Georgian hospitality, local delicacies and wine tasting
  • Folklore with characteristic, energetic, Georgian dances


Day 1. Arrival at Tbilisi airport

Day 2. Rustavi-Mtskheta (Natakhtari)

Day 3. Mtskheta (Natakhtari) – Omalo

Day 4. Departure along the Caucasus mountain range

Day 5. Omalo-Sighnaghi

Day 6. Sighnaghi-Rustavi-Tbilisi

Day 7. Departure

Day 1. Arrival at Tbilisi airport

Transfer (25 km) to the hotelRustavi. After placing all the group members in the hotel – a briefing (meeting). You will receive the necessary instructions for using the KTM EXC motorcycle and information on the route. After the briefing ( meeting) – test drive (test departure) and transfer of the motorcycle. A KTM mechanic will be at your disposal to adjust the control levers to your driving style and give you a 100% technically smooth motorcycle.

08: 00-10: 00 Breakfast

10: 00 Free time before the briefing

12: 30 Lunch

14:00 Briefing, instructions on the use of the motorcycle and test drive


Day 2. Rustavi-Mtskheta

Enduro tour to Mtskheta: 130-140 km is waiting for you. a rich relief off-road through the mountains. Trialeti ridge (lesser Caucasus length 200 km , width 30 km, the top of Squelette (2803 m.). Enduro tour is full of steppe, rock, stony, forest trails and river crossings. This is a great opportunity to get used to and experience KTM motorcycle. You will pass almost all the landscape coverings that you can only wish for, you will make impressive photos in the Endurist’s album, you will get a surge of unforgettable e-e (Enduro-Emotions). At the end of the day, you will find Georgian cuisine in the most visited restaurant in Georgia “Salobio” (literally beans in clay pots) of the ancient town Mtskheta. After lunch, you will see the UNESCO world heritage site Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, the center of Christianity and pilgrimage in Georgia.

08: 00 Breakfast

09: 00 Departure

16: 00 Lunch at the restaurant

17: 30 Arrival at Mtskheta or Natakhtari hotel

19: 30 Dinner

The difficulty of trail: 1-2

Length: 130-140 km

Asphalt / off-road ratio: ( % ) 95/5

Height: 1250 m


Day 3. Mtskheta (Natakhtari) – Omalo

Enduro tour to Omalo: the KTM Georgia guide will take you along the green-velvet Tianeti mountain range, along the azure lake Sioni. In the resort town of Sioni, you can stop for a Cup of coffee and chat about life with tourists and locals. Going down to the famous Alazani valley, which is famous for its ancient wine culture, you will be offered a picnic at a halt by the river, to strengthen your strength and mood before climbing to Omalo via the Abano pass at an altitude of 2926 m. above the sea. You will have the opportunity to check your phone charging, prepare a camera for a new adventure, and refresh your strength and mood with a Kababchik with a tomato. And so you drive along the highest, narrowest, most beautiful road in Georgia, which twists eights up and down, winds through mountain rivers in gorges, surrounded by the grandiose mountain ranges of the Caucasus. This will make any motorcyclist’s heart beat even harder.

08: 00 Breakfast

09: 00 Departure

12: 30 Lunch (picnic)

17: 00 Arrival in Omalo

19: 00 dinner

Route difficulty: 1-1. 5

Length: 180 km

Asphalt / off-road ratio: ( % ) 85/15

Height: 2926 m


Day 4. Travel along the Caucasus-Omalo, Dartlo, Parsma

Enduro tour in the heart of the Caucasus: your KTM motorcycle will lift you to a height of 3200 m. above sea level and in the silence of the sky, you will enjoy the grandeur of the Caucasus. You will visit the most remote corners of Tusheti, leave the daily hustle and bustle of life behind you. You will get acquainted with the colorful locals, experience the usual, traditional hospitality. You will find that it is very easy to become happy.

09: 00 Breakfast

10: 00 Departure

14: 00 Arrival and lunch in Omalo

20: 00 Dinner

Route difficulty: 1-2

Length: 80 km

Asphalt / off-road ratio: ( % ) 0/100

The altitude of the desire to 3400 m


Day 5. Omalo-Sighnaghi

Enduro tour to Sighnaghi: the Road will pull you back to the valley of the wine Kingdom of Alazani, but the mountains will open again and again with completely new unexpected, unnoticed, as if hidden from you by landscapes drawings. So the purpose of the trip the picturesque fortress city of Sighnaghi, lazily immersed in greenery, is located on a hill that cuts into the Alazani valley. The locals call this picturesque town the balcony of the Caucasus. At sunset, with a glass of wine, you will see the grandiose scenes of the Alazani valley and the majestic Caucasus descending into the twilight of the outgoing day.

08: 00 Breakfast

09: 00 Departure

13: 00 Lunch at the restaurant

17: 00 arrival in Sighnaghi

18: 00 Dinner

Route difficulty: 1-2

Length: 160 km

Asphalt / off-road ratio: ( % ) 90/10


Day 6. Sighnaghi-Rustavi

Enduro Tour to Rustavi: The tour culminates with 138 kilometers of bizarre lunar savanna, which has absorbed all the colors of the rainbow. On the way, in a range of mountains, you will discover a rock monastery, secluded in the silence of the savanna, decorated with wall paintings from the Byzantine period. The monastery is hidden from the eyes of the mass tourist. Thus, this attraction is a perfect Exclusive. After lunch, you will visit a 6th-century monastery of sacred significance, as it was the birthplace of Christianity — David Gareja.

Return to Rustavi around 17: 00.

08: 00 Breakfast

09: 00 Departure

12: 00 Lunch (picnic)

17: 00 Arrival in Rustavi. Delivery of motorcycles and transfer to the hotel in Tbilisi.

Route difficulty: 1-2

Length: 140 km

Asphalt / off-road ratio: ( % ) 95/5


Day 7. Departure

Please ask us about group purchasing rules, group prices, or The ECONOMY package.

Travel price 1.690 € with package CAREFREE includes:

7-day stay in different regions of Georgia

4 nights in hotels in a double room

2 nights in a Gasthaus in the village of Omalo double room

Total of 6 nights in 4 different regions of Georgia

5 days drive through three different landscapes: savanna, Trialetti mountain range and Greater Caucasus mountains

Breakfast and lunch

Gala dinner

transfer from Tbilisi
Motorcycle KTM EXC 450/350

Accompanying a guide on a motorcycle

Service mechanics

Spare motorcycle KTM escort

car for Luggage

Gasoline for
the escort car
Gasoline for your motorcycle

Petrol for motorcycle guide

Drinking water on the way

Snacks (snack) on the way

Integrated training and practical tips for improving driving techniques

Adapting the difficulty level


The price of the CAREFREE package does not include:

Air ticket


Alcoholic beverages

All drinks at your leisure

Costs in cancelling your travel arrangements

Early check-in before 12:00

If necessary, transport services to a doctor (covered by the traveler’s insurance policy)

What services do you get?

flight tickets