The snow bikes in Gudauri


The snow bikes in the ski resort Gudauri

Have Fun! Adventure! A wave of adrenaline! The KTM team of Georgia offers you a unique opportunity in the Georgian ski resorts of Gudauri and Bakuriani to indulge in your favorite motor sports at this time of year. Equipped with tracks and skis, our KTM’s turn into snowmobiles. And after we take you to an altitude of 3,200 meters above sea level, you will discover a Grand skiing experience: an incomparable vacation with opportunities for skiing and helicopter riding.


SlavaTour / West-East Travel LTD is the oldest and most experienced company in the country, which already laid the foundation for off-road tourism in Georgia in 2008.


Arrival and departure from Tbilisi airport in Georgia.

Topics of the motorcycle tour:

Man, nature, cuisine, wine and photography.

Motto of the Tour:

Drive relaxed and get to know Georgia’s diverse landscapes and culture.

Total put:

About 700 km.

Daily stages:

80 – 185 km.

Maximum ride height:

3400 meters above sea level.

Offroad and Asphalt ratio:

For the entire route (%): 80/20.

4×4 vehicle:

Side by Syde CF-MOTO zForce 1000 – is an automatic-driven off-road vehicle of the latest technology. Here sovereign 4×4 Performance combines with driving pleasure, which conjures up a big grin long after arrival in the face.

The crew of the vehicle consists of 2 persons: 1 driver and 1 passenger. To drive it, a Category B driver’s license is required.

Driving safety:
The safety of our customers is our top priority, so we only install quality tyres from Germany and Europe on our vehicles.

Riding ability:

The ride takes us through rough terrain, on mountain roads, sandy sections, gravel and stony ground.

We offer all drivers the individually required assistance and appropriate attention in all required areas. In case of insufficient experience, practical tips to improve the driving technique are integrated. If none of the Tour participants can drive the vehicle, this function is performed by our tour guide.

Difficulty of the Tour:

About 1 to 2 on a 5-point scale. The degree of difficulty can be adjusted according to the group.


Typical Hotels, Inns.


Corresponds to the Central European climate. Hot and sultry in summer, very pleasant in the mountain regions.

Minimum number:

2 persons and if the minimum number of participants is not reached, we reserve the right to cancel the trip up to 40 days before the start of the trip.


The complete offroad equipment can be rented on site for a fee.

In case of an odd number of travellers, the person who receives the single room will pay the corresponding single room supplement.

Excess for damage to the vehicle 1000 € will be paid as a deposit at the tour organizer in cash or VISA.

Or without excess with a damage cover insurance 20 € / day.

Sights of the motorcycle trip:

Tbilisi old town, rock monastery Dawit Gareja, a rock monastery in the Savannah from the Byzantine period, the wine region of Kakheti, defensive towers from the 12th century. Century in Omalo, great Caucasus.


Combined 4×4 offroad round trip.
Historical towns and ancient cities.
An ultimate Offroad fun with powerful vehicle.
Journey through Kakheti, the oldest wine region on Earth.
Insight into a millennia-old culture.
Wide plains, deep gorges and Caucasus mountain range in eastern Georgia.
Warm hospitality, local specialities and fine wine tastings.


Day 1. Arrival at the airport of Tbilisi (Tbilisi)

Arrival, welcome and Transfer to the hotel. After the arrival of the entire group, the detailed briefing follows. You will get all the necessary instructions for using the vehicle as well as all information about the travel plan. After the introductory event test drive and vehicle handover take place. A mechanic is at the disposal of all participants from the very beginning to adjust the control levers, adapt the vehicles and eliminate all technical ambiguities.

Arrival at Tbilisi airport

08: 00-10: 00 breakfast

10: 00 leisure time

12: 30 noon

14: 00 Briefing, instructions on using the vehicle and a test drive


Day 2. Tbilisi-Omalo

Our guided 4×4 tour starts in the direction of Omalo along the green meadows of the Caucasus and past the crystal clear Sioni Lake in the Alasani Valley. In this fertile region, Georgia has been growing wine for thousands of years and exporting it worldwide. Then we drive on the highest and narrowest gravel road in Georgia, which winds through beautiful, untouched mountain landscapes of the Caucasus, to the Abano Pass at an impressive 2926 meters above sea level. The route is very winding, with many ascents and descents, and refreshing Water crossings. At the end of this adventurous Enduro route through the so-called roller coaster Tuschetiens we reach the Highlight of the day, the traditional village of Omalo. It is famous for its distinctive and well-preserved defensive towers from the 12th century that guard the heart of the Caucasus.

08: 00 breakfast

09: 00 departure

13:00 lunch (picnic)

17: 00 Arrival in Omalo

19: 00 Dinner

Difficulty of the Route: 1-2

Total mileage of the day: 185 km

Offroad-Asphalt Ratio: ( % ) 85/15


Day 3. Omalo Rundreise am Ende der Welt-Omalo, Dartlo, Parsma

Off-road tour through the heart of the Caucasus: you ride Side by Side up to 3200 meters above sea level to enjoy the heavenly silence of the majestic Caucasus. We visit the most remote villages of the area, which give us an insight into the past and allow us to leave the hustle and bustle of life behind for a Moment. Experience the sincere hospitality of the locals, who live in the simplest of circumstances, yet radiate a contentment and serenity that is hard to find in our modern, fast-paced world today.

09: 00 breakfast

10: 00 departure

14:00 arrival and lunch in Omalo

19: 00 Dinner< / td>

difficulty of the Route: 1-2

Total mileage of the day: 80 km

Offroad: ( % ) 100


Day 4. Omalo – Sighnaghi

Offroad Tour to Sighnaghi: discover the oldest wine region in the world on your 4×4 vehicle. The picturesque town of Sighnaghi, reminiscent of idyllic villages in Tuscany, is situated on a hill above the Alasani Valley with a fascinating view of the Caucasus mountain range. End the day at sunset with a glass of wine on the balcony of your hotel in Sighnaghi and all the hardships of the day are forgotten!

09: 00 breakfast

10: 00 departure

13: 00 Lunch at the Restaurant

17: 00 Arrival in Sighnaghi

18: 00 Dinner

Difficulty of the Route: 1-2

Total mileage of the day: 160 km

Off-Road-Asphalt Ratio (%) 90/10


Day 5. Sighnaghi-Rustavi

Offroad tour to Rustavi: today you can expect an unforgettable, 138 km long drive through the Steppe, which reminds of a bizarre moon landscape with its barren desert character. The Route leads to a forgotten rock monastery, a remote relic of the past with beautiful murals from the Byzantine period. The monastery is considered an absolute insider tip and is only approached by a few local offroad tours and not by mass tourism. In the afternoon we visit the famous monastery of Dawit Gareja, of the 6. The Church of St. John the Baptist was built in the 13th century, associated with the origin of Christianity in Georgia, and has a particularly high religious and spiritual value.

08: 00 breakfast

09: 00 departure

12:00 lunch (picnic)

16: 00 Arrival in Rustavi< / td>

difficulty of the Route: 1-2

Total mileage of the day: 140 km

Offroad-Asphalt Ratio: ( % ) 95/5


Day 6. Rustavi Mtskheta – Tbilisi

Offroad Tour to Mtskheta: today there are about 140 km of offroad-rich terrain across the Trialeti mountain range on the program. The Route consists of steep, rocky ascents and descents, river crossings and single treks through the forest. As a reward for the hardships, at the end of the day, a hearty lunch is served in the ancient city of Mtskheta. In the late afternoon we visit a world famous UNESCO cultural heritage, the medieval cathedral Sveticxoveli.

08: 00 breakfast

09: 00 departure

16: 00 Lunch at the Restaurant

17: 00 Arrival in Mtskheta / Tbilisi

19: 00 Dinner

Difficulty of the Route: 1-2

Total mileage of the day: 130 km

Offroad-Asphalt Ratio: ( % ) 95/


Day 7. Return Flight


“Carefree” package price of 1.490€ (-20% / 1192€) includes:

7 days stay in different regions of Georgia

6 Nights in 4 different regions of Georgia

4 Nights in a double room in typical Hotels

2 nights in a double room at the Omalo Inn

5 driving days through three landscapes: savannah-like plains, Trialetti mountain range and great Caucasus

Breakfast and lunch

Airport pick-up service

Side-by-Side-Fahrzeug von CF-Moto 1000

Mechanic Service

Training to improve driving technology


Carefree package price does not include:

Return flight to Tbilisi


Petrol 60 Euro

All drinks during leisure time

Travel cancellation costs and return transport insurance

Early Check-in before 12: 00

Excess for damage to the vehicle 1000 € will be paid as a deposit at the tour organizer in cash or VISA.

Or without excess with a damage cover insurance 20 € / day.

Off-road level:
There are places (YES)
There are places (YES)
What services do you get?

„Sorglos“ Paketpreis von 1.490€ (-20% / 1192€) beinhaltet:

7 tägiger Aufenthalt in verschiedenen Regionen Georgiens

6 Übernachtungen in 4 verschiedene Regionen Georgiens

4 Übernachtungen im Doppelzimmer in landestypischen Hotels

2 Übernachtungen im Doppelzimmer im Gasthaus von Omalo

5 Fahrtage durch drei Landschaften: Savannenartige Ebenen, Trialetti Gebirgskette und großer Kaukasus

Frühstück und Mittagessen


Side by Side Fahrzeug CF-Moto 1000

Mechaniker Service

Schulung zur Verbesserung der Fahrtechnik


Sorglos Paket Preis schließt nicht ein:

Hin- und Rückflug nach Tbilisi


Benzin 60 Euro

Alle Getränke während der Freizeit

Reiserücktrittkosten und Rücktransportversicherung

Früher Check-in vor 12:00 Uhr

Selbstbeteiligung beim Schaden am Fahrzeug 1000 € wird als Kaution beim Tour-Veranstalter im Bar oder VISA eingezahlt.

Oder ohne Selbstbeteiligung mit einer Schadensdeckungs-Versicherung 20 €/ Tag

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