7-day Enduro tour of the Crimean Peninsula

Enduro travel through the land of ancient nomads, Cimmerians, the land of ancient civilizations. Crimea has a beautiful landscape topography with various soils such as clay, stones, gravel, clay, rocks, beach sand and forest. On request, we can configure routes, in particular, depending on the group, from 1 to 5 levels.

The route includes: Balaklava Baidar, Warnock and Belbeksky valley, mountain ranges, gorges, streams and waterfalls.

Motorcycle driving skills: experience driving on off-road, forest and mountain rocky ground. In case of insufficient driving experience, practical exercises will be introduced to practice the necessary skills.

Attractions in the Tour: Sapun mountain, the cave city of Eski-Kermen and Mangup, Kalamita fortress, Laspi lookout, Baydar pass, Vorontsov Palace-swallow’s nest, Museum in Livadia, Yalta embankment.

Language: native Russian

1 Day- Roll-out arrival familiarity with technology, short descent. The Relief allows a short exit within the city limits. On the ground there is a warm-up round with ascents and descents. Remoteness – up to the Sapun mountain or balaclava, depending on your leisure time. Duration: 2-3 Hours.

2 Day- On the mountains above the sea you can follow the viewpoints along the coast. Balaklava-Varnut Valley, Mount Kush-Kaya-Laspi. It is possible to descend on a wild beach, bathing. Departure at 10.00, return to the Hotel 17.00-17.30. Level 2-3.

3 Day- Cave towns trail towards the cave town of Eski-Kermen, Mangup, Belbek Valley. Departure at 10.00, return to the Hotel 17.00-17.30. Level 2-3.

4 Day–Inkerman trail towards Inkerman-fortress Kalamita-Black River-Massif Schaan-kaya-Balaklava departure in 10.00, return to the Hotel 17.00-17.30. Level 3-4.

5 Day-Trip to Yalta duration ~8 hours: view tower Laspi-Bajdarsky Pass-Vorontsov Palace-swallow’s nest – Museum in Livadia-promenade of Yalta.  

6 Day- Back to the Sunset Trail towards the southern coast of Crimea. The furthest point is the mountain range above foros. Departure at 10.00, return to the Hotel 17.00-17.30. Level 3

7 Day- Abfahrt


Important Points:

Length of Tracks: ~ 70-120 km.

The tour is guided by the slowest participant.

The route can be shortened to return to the hotel at the agreed time.


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