12 days Motorcycle tour in Georgia: “Friendship, Culture, Nature”.


12 days motorcycle tour in Georgia: “People, Culture and Nature”.


Georgia is located in the Eurasian Caucasus between the Black Sea in the west, Russia in the north and Azerbaijan in the south. The country, which was also known under the name of Georgia during the Soviet era, covers an area of ​​69,700 km², comparable to Ireland, and has a total population of 4.3 million people, mostly ethnic Georgians.

Georgia, the cradle of wine-growing, is a Christian country and prides itself on sincere, warm hospitality and one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world, which is perfect for exploring by motorcycle.

Georgia lies at the crossroads of caravan and trade routes, which in the Middle Ages were important transport routes between Europe and Asia. The medieval traditions that go back to the times of the famous Silk Road can be felt everywhere. For a long time Georgia was considered a strategically important hub for the world’s trade routes, especially in its role as a significant base of the famous, historic Silk Road, which nowadays offers a wonderful backdrop for adventurous motorcycle tours in Georgia.

Georgian hospitality is legendary. The conviction that guests are gifts from God and must be treated with appropriate reverence is firmly anchored in the national thinking of Georgians. The Georgian tradition of toasts (Georgians proudly boast that they invented it) combines poetry and philosophy.

Try the famous Georgian wines, delicious, lovingly hand-made specialties such as Khachapuri, Hinkali, homemade sheep cheese and the hearty, traditional mutton shashlik. Not only does love go through the stomach, but also the national spirit of a country can be better grasped and embraced through its variety of dishes.
Experience all facets of this amazing country on a guided motorcycle tour through Georgia!



Organizer: SlavaTour West-East Travel LTD 

Airport: Arrival and departure / Tbilisi Airport, Georgia

Total distance: approx. 1950 km

Daily stages: 80 – 350 km

Maximum altitude: 2379 m

Off-Road – Asphalt Ratio of the total distance (%): 10/90

Motorbike: Nomade 500, or Royal Enfield Himalyan 500, or KTM 690 R with windshield, pannier rack system BJ 2019/2020

Driving skills: Beginners – route with difficulty level 1 on an ascending 2-point scale

Accommodation: From a simple guesthouse to a three-star hotel

Minimum number of participants: 4 people (VIP tour limited to up to 4 people)

Program overview:

Day 1: Arrival at Tbilisi Airport (Tbilisi).

Day 2: Tbilisi – Sighnaghi

Day 3: Sighnaghi – Mtskheta

Day 4: Mtskheta – Kazbegi

Day 5: Kazbegi – Kutaisi

Day 6: Kutaisi – Mestia

Day 7: Mestia – Ushguli – Mestia

Day 8: Mestia – Batumi

Day 9: Batumi free time

Day 10: Batumi-Akhaltsikhe

Day 11: Akhaltsikhe – Tbilisi

Day 12: Departure

Day 1. Arrival at Tbilisi airport.

Upon arrival at Tbilisi Airport, also known as Tbilisi, you will be transferred to the hotel. As soon as the entire tour group is present, there will be a briefing with all the necessary information about the itinerary and instructions on how to use the assigned motorcycle properly. Depending on the model, any special features will be explained in detail, followed by a test drive, which should ensure that the vehicle corresponds to your driving ability and that you fully enjoy it. A knowledgeable mechanic is always at your disposal.


The old and modern city of Tbilisi/Tiflis.

A walk through history: After the rule of the Byzantines followed the Persian Kingdom, the Arab Caliphate, the Khoresm Kingdom and then the Ottoman Empire. The small country in the Caucasus was also shaped by the invasion of the Mongols and Tamerlans, the birth of Christianity and not least by the communist era of the Russian rulers. Each of these epochs has left its legacy in Tbilisi, which can be seen in the oriental palaces, the magnificent Orthodox churches, the madrasas (Koran schools) and the famous sulfur baths. Since it was founded in 458, the history of today’s city of Tbilisi, formerly Tbilisi, has been shaped by constant change and turbulent, historical events such as wars, economic uprisings, as well as destruction and revival.


10 km bus transfer to Tbilisi

Accommodation in the hotel

Briefing and a test drive

18:00 dinner

Overnight in Tbilisi.


Day 2. Tbilisi – Dawit Gareja – Sighnaghi.

On our first day we drive an unforgettable 140km along the steppe landscape and the typical, savanna-like grassland of this area towards the east into the long-established wine region of Kakheti. On the way there we visit one of the most important religious monuments in Georgia, the oldest Orthodox monastery complex in the country, Dawit Gareja, which dates from the 6th century AD and was built on Mount Udabno, right on the border with Azerbaijan. The monastery is of particular importance for Christianity in Georgia, as it is considered the place of origin of the religion and is accordingly heavily mystified. Dawit Gareja (also known as Davit Gareja) is a legitimate contender for the title of UNESCO World Heritage.

We finally arrive at Sighnaghi at around 3:00 p.m.

Only 2km from Sighnaghi is the Bodbe women’s monastery with its beautiful frescoes, which was built in the 4th century over the grave of Saint Nino, a healer and convertor of the Georgians to Christianity.

When visiting a wine-growing region, however, the most important thing must not be missing: the wine tasting! In the evening we raise our glasses and enjoy a delicious Georgian drop with a picturesque sunset with a view of the Caucasus. There is certainly no better way to end this eventful day!

08:00 breakfast

09:00 departure

13:00 lunch in the restaurant

15:00 Arrival in Sighnaghi

19:00 free time, dinner

Overnight in Sighnaghi.

Total mileage of the day: 140 km


Day 3. Sighnaghi – Telavi – Mtskheta.

We continue through one of the oldest wine regions in the world, Kakheti, where the first vines were grown 7000 years ago. The countless wineries extend in the fertile valley along the picturesque Alazani River, framed by the white peaks of the Caucasus.

There is a lot on the cultural agenda: a trip to the Gremi architectural complex from the 16th century, a visit to the house-museum and park of the Georgian Prince Aleksandre Chavchavadze and a visit to the Alaverdi Cathedral (11th century) and the Shuamta monastery ( 7th – 16th century).

In the early afternoon we leave Kakheti and drive towards Mtskheta, the ancient capital, which is still the religious center of the country today.

The cultural monuments of Mtskheta have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994 and are under monument protection.

Arrival at the hotel around 5:00 p.m.

08:00 breakfast

09:00 departure

13:00 lunch in the restaurant

17:00 arrival in Mtskheta

19:00 free time, dinner

Overnight in Mtskheta.

Total mileage of the day: 180 km


Day 4. Mtskheta – Stepantsminda.

Before we set off towards the Caucasus, we first visit the Djvari Monastery, which translates as “Cross Monastery” and is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Djvari Monastery rises on a hill above the confluence of the Aragwi and Kura rivers and offers an exceptionally beautiful panoramic view of the city of Mtskheta.

Afterwards we drive over the old Georgian military road into the heart of the Caucasus up to an altitude of 2382m. In Stepantsminda you can visit the famous Gergetier Trinity Church (Gergetis Sameba) with its spectacular location at 2150m altitude.

At 3 p.m. we check into our hotel and can enjoy the rest of the evening with a beautiful view of the Kazbegi mountain landscape.

Additional information: For the driveway to Gergetis Sameba Church by car, 4 × 4 off-road vehicles can be rented for a surcharge. This transport service waits for the guests after the outward journey at the sight and brings them back to their accommodation.

08:00 breakfast

09:00 departure

12:00 Lunch in the restaurant.

15:00 Arrival in Stephantsminda

18:00 dinner

Overnight in Stepantsminda.

Total mileage of the day: 160 km


Day 5. Stephantsminda – Prometheus Cave – Kutaisi.

The longest stretch of our motorcycle tour takes us to Kutaisi, the second largest city in Georgia, the capital of the ancient Colchis region, the site of the Argonaut legend, in search of the Golden Fleece. This is followed by a city tour with a visit to the completely renovated Bagrati Cathedral, another UNESCO World Heritage Site from the 11th century, and the Prometheus Cave. This breathtaking stalactite cave is a true natural wonder that was only discovered in 1984 and is located near Kutaisi in Tskaltubo.

08:00 breakfast

09:00 departure

14:00 Lunch in the restaurant.

18:00 Arrival in Kutaisi

20:00 dinner

Overnight in Kutaisi.

Total mileage of the day: 380 km


Day 6. Kutaisi – Mestia.

The motorcycle tour through Georgia takes us on to Svaneti, one of the most isolated and inaccessible mountain regions of the Greater Caucasus. Svaneti is considered to be the most beautiful and pristine region in the country, with untouched nature, glaciers and the highest mountain villages in Europe. After a 200km drive through the impressive Georgian mountain landscape, we reach our destination of the day, Mestia, at around 5:00 p.m.

08:00 breakfast

09:00 departure

13:00 lunch

17:00 arrival in Mestia

19:00 dinner

Overnight in Mestia.

Total mileage of the day: 240 km

Off-Road – Asphalt Ratio of the distance of the day: (%) 80/20


Day 7. Mestia – Ushguli – Mestia.

Round trip: we spend a full day in Svaneti and visit Ushguli, the highest village in Europe at 2200m above sea level. The imposing defense towers of Ushguli are also part of the UNESCO World Heritage. From here a picturesque sight opens up to the highest mountain in Georgia, the Shchara peak (5068 m). After lunch you have the opportunity to visit the local museum, which exhibits historical church relics. The museum also boasts a collection of Vittorio Sella photographs from the late 19th century depicting the hard life of the locals at the time.

09:00 breakfast

10:00 departure

12:00 lunch in Ushguli

16:00 Arrival in Mestia

18:00 dinner

Overnight in Mestia.

Total mileage of the day: 100 km


Day 8. Mestia – Batumi.

After breakfast we drive to Batumi. The journey time to the modern port city on the Black Sea coast is around 6 hours.

Batumi was founded in ancient Greece under the name “Batis”, from the Greek for deep harbor. In the 16th century the Ottoman Empire took over and from 1878 Batumi was part of Russia. The centuries-old influence of Europe and Asia is reflected in the architecture and multifaceted culture of the city.

At 5:00 p.m. we check into our hotel. In the evening we can immerse ourselves in the nightlife of Batumi with a clear conscience, because on the following day there is free time on the program, which can be arranged completely freely, according to individual wishes and preferences.

08:00 breakfast

09:00 departure

13:00 lunch

18:00 Arrival in Batumi

19:00 dinner

Overnight in Batumi.

Total mileage of the day: 270 km


Day 9.Batumi free time.

Tips for sights:

Botanical Garden

In the botanical garden, plants from several vegetation zones are exhibited, from the humid subtropics in Transcaucasia, New Zealand, Australia, the Himalayas, East Asia, North America, South America, Mexico to the Mediterranean.

Citadel Gonio-Apsaros

The old Colchian kingdom, today’s western Georgia, was closely linked to ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. There are still monuments from Greek, Roman and Byzantine times in western Georgia. One of these monuments is the ancient Roman citadel Gonio-Apsaros.

Overnight in Batumi.


Day 10. Batumi – Akhaltcikhe.

Our Enduro Tour in Georgia takes us over the 2000m high Goderdzi Pass to Akhaltcikhe. Today we drive alternately on a gravel road, forest landscape and asphalt. In the past centuries the Georgian, Russian and Ottoman troops fought bitterly fought over this city. The influence of all these cultures can be seen particularly well in Akhaltsikhe, for example in the Rabati Fortress with its architectural features from numerous epochs.

We arrive at the hotel in Akhaltcikhe around 5:00 p.m.

08:00 breakfast

09:00 departure

14:00 lunch

17:00 arrival

Overnight in Akhaltcikhe.

Total mileage of the day: 170 km


Day 11. Akhaltcikhe – Tbilisi.

On the last day of our motorcycle tour through Georgia, we set course for the Georgian capital Tbilisi (Tiflis), the starting point of our Enduro tour. On the way we make a stop in a cave town of Vardsia. The city was built as a border fortress against the Ottomans and Persians. Originally 3,000 apartments were built for the residents on up to seven floors, which offered space for 50,000 people. After a severe earthquake, only 750 of them are left today on an area of ​​around 900 square meters. After the tour of the cave city, we continue our journey. Our tour ends with the arrival in the capital around 5:00 p.m. In Tbilisi you will spend the night in a centrally located hotel. For full relaxation on the last day of the tour, we recommend a sulfur bath followed by a professional massage, just a 5-minute walk from the hotel. In the evening you can end the trip with a cozy visit to a restaurant in one of the many top restaurants in the city.

08:00 breakfast

09:00 departure

14:00 lunch

17:00 arrival

20:00 farewell dinner

Overnight in Tbilisi.

Total mileage of the day: 270 km


Day 12. Departure.

Services included in the tour price:

12 days road trip in Georgia

10 driving days

airport transfer

11 nights in a double room

3 * hotel

Breakfast and lunch

Motorbike Nomade 500 ADV or Royal Enfield Himalyan 500 included in the price.

KTM Enduro 690 R for an additional charge of 300 euros

Tour guide


Services not included in the tour price:

Flights & airport taxes

Single supplement 250 €

Petrol 120 euros


Foreign health insurance

All services that are not listed under included services

12 days Motorcycle tour in Georgia: "Friendship, Culture, Nature".
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There are places (YES)
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There are places (YES)
What services do you get?


If the number of travelers is uneven, the person occupying the single room pays the corresponding single room supplement.

Single supplement 250 EUR.

Accompanying person in the car 2700 euros

Motorcycle damage coverage insurance 15 euros per day.

Without insurance, personal contribution in the event of damage is max. 600 EUR

Respectful behavior towards the foreign culture and the local people.

The price includes:

3750 Euro motorcycle trip with Pamir 450 CC Sixdays (thoroughbred enduro specially made in South Korea for off-road trips) / 44 hp / 119 kg, fully equipped.

4250 euros motorcycle trip with KTM 690 R / 75 hp / 159 kg.

10 driving days.

12 nights

Half board (breakfast and lunch included).

Airport pick-up service.


Replacement motorcycle.

Fuel for the motorcycle.

Support vehicle, including fuel.

Mechanic service.

Tour guide in German / English.

Not included in the price:

Single supplement 250 EUR.

Early check-in before 12:00.

All environmental taxes.

Travel insurance.

Visa (no visa requirement for EU citizens).



Mobile services.

Local map

flight tickets